The Blog is named Random Thoughts after all…

Don’t you hate it when you can’t tell if you have a cold or allergies?

Blogging isn’t nearly as much fun when you have to write for work about a subject you’re not terribly excited about. It’s also no cake walk when you want to put something on your own blog but also want to submit it to a blog where you guest write on occasion.

When you’re having a heated debate on Facebook, it’s not very productive to play grammar police with the other person. Unless you are just trying to make them angry…

Why does your boss always want something big right at the end of the day when you’re anxious to leave, but totally ignores you when your evening is free?

Why does your brain leave the building when you have a new relationship?

Don’t you hate it when you’ve just gotten comfortable then you realize you need to use the restroom?

Have you ever had so many thoughts you wanted to share that you knew your Facebook friends would think you were nuts so you wrote a blog post about a bunch of random thoughts?